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Eris barked out in rude laughter. “They never learn. Even rodents know to exit a downing ship. But mortal man will forever run TO disaster. Ahhhhh…this is why they are an endless source for me to toy with. They are consistent, masochistic pinheads.” She sat beside the Countess, eyeing the scenery with judgmental disdain. Her eyes suddenly darted to the flask previously offered, and she politely took it from her. “Thank you. See? What works best, is I also bring Discord, so in addition to Chaos, they won’t work together. That’s the beauty of it.” She sipped the wine and raised a brow, a faint flavor of blood laced through the wine.”I detect a little of your own vine in here.” She chuckled when a 8 story building made a slow crash to its side, like a paper bag alight, the screams below growing louder. “There goes the marketplace…ah, well. Their fabrics were shoddy.”

"They just love the idea of being immune to any disaster. They believe if they wave their arms around or simply dance around it will disappear." How many video games had these humans played before realizing when fire struck it wasn’t going to pause to ask where they didn’t mind to be burned. Nay, it burned through and through and she cackled at seeing the man fall down to his knees. "I believe his face is starting to split and crack from the fire." Death would come soon through shock or him inhaling the fire into his lungs. When he did fall, she turned her attention to Eris’ comment on the wine. "Yes, bottled it myself after leaving it to stew for a few months. You like?" Seeing death and chaos was a past time she must have with Eris every few weeks.

"Mmm, been far too long since I engaged in a good blood slaughter. Humans and their technology are quick to record the chaos, but now they’re towers are down," she said, as evidenced by that same fallen building tipping a few telephone poles. "No phones, no way to phone others to get out while they still can." She clapped her hands like a small child being given a treat. "We must do this again! Soon."

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His hands sunk into his pockets, but the action provided little help fending off the cold sinking into his bones. It was a creeping kind of fear he’d grown too familiar with lately and almost always related to Hemlock Grove. Still, he questioned why he had come back when nearly every fiber of his being was against it. 

His gaze stayed centered on her, never straying. The invitation she had given seemed so harmless on the surface but most likely had dark undertones of something more malicious. But he had a feeling refusing her offer would end in bloodshed. 

A sigh escaped him first, an slightly uneasy exhale, and Peter nodded in return. “Yeah, sure,” was the answer, but he made no move toward the diner behind him. Turning his back to her would be a mistake—especially in the face of the growing dread he felt looking upon her.

Was he afraid of her? Was he keeping his back from turning towards her? Why, yes, it appeared so and she enjoyed it. She reveled in the thought this Romani boy was afraid of her as she moved closer towards him. Would he release his bowels if she snapped her teeth at him? Nay, it was far too soon to scare him so quickly. Best to have him fear her a tiny bit to keep him on his toes and his hands in his pockets. If he would not turn his back to her, she would gift him her side as she moved to walk alongside him.

"How long have you lived here in Hemlock Grove? You don’t appear to be someone who likes to stay in once place." Of course the Romani traveled to keep one step ahead of the authorities. There were similarities in the way the Romani and The Countess found authorities to be useless and enemies. At the door, she took it upon herself to enter sideways, a way for him to enter the same if he so wished. "Afraid of bumping into me? Why, I’m quite fine if you brush against my fur coat. Real fox fur, care to touch?"


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░▒▓█ ⊰ None can excel ⊱ ; 

       it would not. a simple glance through the multitude of one thousand eyes 
       at the void within the pale horseman— a glimpse at the void through the small
       TRANSCENDENT JEWEL that lay at the center of their sockets,..its death
       would be the most tragic of all: v o i d.


  No. Never.

The Countess made a great effort to keep her eyes on him when all she wished to do was avert them. She could not show fear, but he must know her limbs locked up to keep them from trembling. “You are only making me wish I could place a few eyes inside your head to see where exactly your head and attention focuses to; where is your gaze wandering towards?”

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░▒▓█ ⊰ None can excel ⊱ ; 


"Well, it’s unexpected, but not unwanted. Now I have to wonder if you can pose expressions on such a skull." She tilted her head to see if he was smiling or leering at her. "You never fear if a fly should find its way into your eye?" However, she could feel her skin tighten as she recalled Death the night he came to her tower.

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"A culling of the herd, my favorite witness."

Hearing the agreement was enough for her to remove her shawl from her shoulders and spread it out on the bench. “Never know who may have sat on this bench. May even be one of the humans covered in fire. Oh! Look! One of them is waving their arms as if to fan away the first from their shoulders and head.” Oh what idiots they were to think waving would keep the flames at bay. “Do they not know it only fans it further?”

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Gabriel frowned momentarily, then brightened, before dissolving into a suspicious glare. “Not a word of this reaches Alex or Michael, or anyone, for that matter. But the Chosen One has a habit of sneaking outside the gates. If I can create a situation in which he and his lady friend can slip out, my angels can easily collect them.”

Slowly, she placed a finger to her lips to signify what was revealed between the two would not find its way to Alex or Michael. Well, at least by her lips. “Why not attack the city again? Give him reason to hurry her away to safety?” Surely he would see that if The Chosen One enjoyed slipping free from Vega, he would wan to make it permanent if there was danger to the city itself. “Destroy parts of it and if you find any virgins, bring them to me. I may be able to find a few areas of vulnerabilities to attack if given a few nights.”

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Send me a ✪ and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

Another mixture! contains fluff, angst, nsfw, humor + random antics.

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24. “Let’s just stay here for a little while.”

“Let’s just stay here for a little while.” She settled herself on a bench, small children running around in the moonlight, as the festival of lights came to a close. Within an hour’s time, the entire park would shut down and shuffle out all of its revelers. Yet, she didn’t want to leave yet, she wanted to simply stay, and take in the moment. “Please, sit at my side and count how many individuals pass us by.”

This was new. He rubbed at the back of his neck before he shrugged a shoulder and sat down next to her. For a moment he did and said nothing, just watched like she was. Out of habit he reached into his jacket for his cigarettes but he paused, side-eyeing her as he smoothed that hand through his hair instead. “So uh… you have kids?”

"I did," she corrected him, before apologizing for the remark. He merely inquired without a hint of interrogation, the best she could do was not to judge him nor criticize him when he sat down beside her. "I once bore a few children." More than women of this time would lest it was for fame as she once viewed on 19 Kids and Counting. What a strange oddity humans made multiple births to be in this world. "Beautiful, they looked like my husband and my own, bright, and charming. One would have been your age by now." If she was a creature of the blood like herself. She observed a mother cooing and holding a small infant to her arms. "I was a good mother. Have you ever wished to be  father?"

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Cesare had mentioned specifically that the Countess was to know that this alliance had no ties to the church. As of late the Borgia Prince had been tending a new found confidence which only seemed to grow further into darkness by the days. Whatever virtues he once had were quickly being stripped away, leaving him bare. None of this worried Micheletto. “Protection from uprising forces. In this world of ours, we all need someone to watch are backs, yes?" the questions she proceeded to ask did not surprise him, so the assassin answered without hesitation. "He is young, but old enough to lead armies. And you will bow to no one, milady. He asks only that you help fund his campaigns.

"Yes, watch our backs," she repeated, though easily a knife could be driven into her back if the Borgias wished to betray her. They were a conniving and murdering family, rumors spreading of Lucretia poisoning a few men for the sake of the family line. As for this one, to be sent out on behalf, she wondered what may come to pass if she outright denied or provoked him into defending himself. "Fund his campaigns? Ah yes, he is aware I came into money after the loss of my husband." A few months since her "husband" passed on, but it was her money she acquired by a few pillages and raiding the coffers of her captured enemies. "He is aware if I should fund his campaigns, I will want a say in how he leads his Army? A shame if my money is wasted on someone who runs his warriors into the ground."

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"We wander down a lonely road, a road I’ve never seen before. Where will it take us? Where will it want us to be?," she questioned, though it was more repeating the lyrics splayed out on her desk. One of her servants was caught listening to modern music and this one happened to be ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. A band of three men called Green Day were the one to fester inside the ears of her servant. "What is your opinion on music? Oh, you are not my consort. Who are you?" How did he even appear? "Lest I am simply imagining you up?"

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