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       ”So ah- is there still a job for me here or am I just going to be standing around all useless?”


"Depends if you hold the ability to prepare three dozen cupcakes in less than two hours?," she questioned, motioning for him to ease himself close. "Where did you take yourself this entire time?"

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"Nah. I have lived too long to even care about material things. If I get wet, I will definitely be dried soon enough—no use even getting upset about it." He shrugged. "Never thought of it that way, but okay. I mean I would just be wet—" Though he never really held an artistic eye in the first place. Of course he drew and played the piano but it wasn’t as creative as one would think because he only drew what was in front of his face and played the already pre-written notes in a book. 

"I wouldn’t call myself a hero though. I’m just doing my job." He shrugged. The only thanks he wants is from people using what he helped the with for the betterment of their lives, not fail and push aside all of what they have taught. Just like father’s day, he cared naught for such titles or gifts when he was just doing what someone in his position should do. 

He was a hero in her company no matter if he ‘hey gurl hey’ like the humans. She would never understand the meaning of humans slang or introductory phrases. “You are doing more than enough to allow hope to enter the minds of those who believe hope is lost upon them.” To the young ones and to those who performed surgery upon others. Her eyes roamed away for a second and a question appeared within her mind.

"How would the world differ if there were no Greek deities roaming the lands. Would others take up what you have taken upon? There is no one else to hold a handle to you."

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Hizamazuite Ashi Wo Oname

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Hizamazuite Ashi Wo Oname (Kneel Down and Lick My Feet) || Ali Project

Kneel down and lick my sacred feet
And with your grazed throat, call me your queen
To prove that you are alive, to the tower of soaring pain
Climb, feebly, feebly
Even while you beg for more

That which bring out my frozen tears
Just may be your last breath

Lustful and sadist eyes
And the humiliation that was pressing you down
And in that moment of ecstasy you see
A sad shadow of happiness

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Oh how he did love it when they pleaded for their lives. Did she not know who he was, or what he was the personification of? How foolish some mortals could be; but Phobos could hardly blame her. After all, she did not seem to be all that well educated in Greek mythology. Carefully parting his hands from her grasp the Lion caressed the woman’s cheek soothingly all while hushing her, a rather believable performance to say the least.

The Countess is hardly a name, more a title.” he replied and for the first time his attention united with the Vampires own. “But your true name is trivial — My sweet dove, how this blood stains you so. Tell me what she has done to you?” it was all an act, Phobos had not intentions of saving her, in fact he was just toying with her. 

                            The Lion always did love to play with his food.

"There is one other name I am well regarded of in the human world through their history. The Blood Countess, and you are well aware of the reason for it.” With his powers as a deity, surely the scent of her bath would arouse any curiosity. Were it not for her own need to gift her to Phobos, the young woman would be bound and drained above her tub, cooing at the young female from below.

The woman whimpered, wondering if he would believe her pleas for help. She winced and desperately clung onto the small affections he afforded her. The young woman grasped at his hands, at last believing the man would halt The Countess’ effort. The tragedy in the household was more than she could bear and tolerated for more than six months. “She’s struck me! Us! Everyone! She’s a wretched being! An absolute monster! Please, you’re stronger than her, please stop her before she hurts anyone else.” Tears sprang to her eyes as she grasped at his arms, wishing he could free everyone in her household. 

"Please…I’ll do anything."

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He listened calmly to her description of the life she had led before and a fleeting wonder came to mind over whether or not she ever tortured now instead of simply killing. That was an odd feeling to taunt and torment and leaving the victim with the scars of such things. That was another shape of a legacy, leaving your name on someone’s mind while they continued on in their lives.

"That is intelligent…drawing things out." A smile appeared on his lips as she explained him, the look in his eyes and he gave no protest as he thought on his own past, the long winded one that felt far away from him but was still so near he could feel the effects it ultimately had on him. "A butcher in a local village when I was thirteen. He had been incredibly rude to my aunt and would not offer an apology or accept one. I hadn’t known how sharp a Tanto was until then. Sliced right through him, taking his head from his neck." A feeling of pride sank into him as he spoke. "With a tip from the chefs I took his cheeks, the best part of a fish I heard tell."

"There are those who do not find it to be a necessity and a time consumer as one man said before I tore his tongue out." She scoffed at how humans presumed one must not waste time torturing a human. Hurry, hurry, hurry, was their way of life and only Death would inform them when their life would end. Death and The Countess. With the new companion at her side, it appears it may be one more to the list to remove humans from this world.


What of his own methods? How did he first begin? Why? The questions bounced about in her mind as she awaited his own tale. “A Tanto? My, been quite a long while since they were implemented in murder.” She leaned towards him, fascinated by his own hungers for human flesh. “Cheeks? Aye, I favor the lips. Lips which smile and lips which scream in terror or plead for mercy. Have any of your former meals ever pleaded for mercy?”

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Phobos looked upon the woman who was throne at his feet, her features shimmering from the tears which had already fallen. She was a beautiful offering, one with character and quite a an amount of bravery if she thought herself bold enough to poison the other. But like many before her, they all cowered when they came face to face with fear.

Standing up from his seat the God went for a closer look, crouching down and pulling the girls chin up so that she was forced to look into crimson eyes. “A fine offering —” he said, his gaze not yet wavering. “How fortunate she was caught in the act. Poison always does leave such a disgusting after taste — And you are?”

"I would have forced the blood wine down her throat, allow her to taste the many virgins sacrificed before her. However, I was made aware there was a scent of you upon the horizon and through some literature." She was aware though literature were penned by humans who weaved tales of their own fancy. Even her own tales held varying differences and she was here now to acquire the truth from the man himself, Phobos. 

First, she begun it with the weeping woman who whimpered and pleaded to the man to save her. “Please, I beg of you, please,” she whispered, hands grasping at his own. If he could listen to her, if only he could hear what went on in the wretched house beneath The Countess’ hands he would save her. He must! “Please, stop The Countess before she takes more of us. Please.”

"It appears the young woman has announced my name. I am The Countess, a pleasure."

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I want this shirt. Where can I buy this shirt please and thank you.




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This GIF set is very important.

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