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Which flower would your muse give to mine? 

  • Put a flower in my inbox to show your muse's feelings for mine, anon or not: 
  • AMARANTH: Broken-hearted
  • BASIL: Hatred
  • BEGONIA: Warning
  • CARNATION (YELLOW): Rejection
  • CYCLAMEN: Parting
  • HYACINTH (PURPLE): Apologies
  • LAVENDER: Distrust
  • LILY (ORANGE): Hatred
  • MARIGOLD: Jealousy
  • GERANIUM: True friendship
  • SUNFLOWER: Gratitude
  • TULIP (WHITE): Forgiveness
  • VIOLET: Loyalty
  • ZINNIA: Memories
  • DILL: Lust
  • MIMOSA: Secret admirer
  • MONKSHOOD: Beware
  • OLEANDER: Caution
  • PEONY: Shyness
  • ROSE (ORANGE): Fascination
  • ROSE (RED): Passionate love
  • SYCAMORE: Curiosity
  • TUBEROSE: Pleasure
  • THISTLE: Retaliation
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"I think arguing over whether it’s right or not is pointless because I don’t care whether or not it’s right," he replied, considering the question before licking up the object with his tongue in one swipe. His eyes were still open, but there was thrill in them.

Yes, argument was futile when she yearned to see him wrap his tongue about the head or the shaft. Perhaps, The Count whispered in her mind of how pleasurable it was for another man to suckle shaft. For The Countess, there was power whenever a human or creature laid their lips to her weeping sex or her shaft. She may be sighing and moaning, yet the power laid in her to accept the pleasure or fling them from her side. She did not fling William from her side, only beckoned him to suckle the shaft. “Show me how you would wish for another to pleasure your shaft.”

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Closed RP with theoriginalbloodcountess 


Back again. The large building that the man had seen before was rather worrisome, as he had not felt welcome the first time- and he still didn’t feel welcome. But he had gotten a text from her, not too long ago, that had asked him to come back.

Thus, regardless of his inhibitions, the large man walked up to the door. He was armed, as always. A Galil SAR was on his back, as he definitely didn’t want anyone reverse-engineering the weapons of the 2550s, for fear of breaking a timeline. At his hip, however, was his standard handgun. 

He took the large metal ring in his hand, gripping it tightly and slamming it against the door. 




Then, he proceeded to wait, prepared equally to bow before her or kill whatever enforcers she sent after him.

Slowly, the door parted and there was no guard with a weapon pointed at him nor The Countess. It was a petite young man who appeared as frightened of him as he was of The Countess. “The um…Countess is waiting for you in green room. Please come in and set your weapons to the side.” A little ways from him stood the guards finding their orders to be inside and not the outside of the household. They could see he was dangerous, probably an ally or an enemy waiting to strike The Countess’ head off.

"Please, this way, Sir," announced the servant, noticing the tension and wishing to disperse it to the four corners.

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❝…Lover?❞  She certainly was beautiful of form, and it took little to see why he might have been attracted to her.  ❝It is a relief to at least know that my name is, in fact, Louis.  I have heard such conflicting information.  Perhaps I was struck on the head while retrieving this mortal you speak of…❞  Yes, what she said made much more sense than the babble of that brown-haired man.

Why yes this would aid her quite nicely. “Yes, lover for quite a while and we consummated the relationship many times over.” The Countess wondered how best to twist the words to a new truth. “You were quite adept with your fingers and the dress you wore?” She rose a brow over his words, explaining the virgins must have struggled and fought against him. Struck him to a blow which would not have faltered his mind. “My dear lover, I shall whisper of your tale.”

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It appears they wish to splash my name and features over attire now



It appears they wish to splash my name and features over attire now

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Asker Portrait
» A message from theoriginalbloodcountess:



Send  ♠ for a drunk text

[text] ssixten and pregnant

[text] im in hell

[text] kind ovff

[text] toasty thouugh

[text] the fusk

[text] k thouh

[text] ypu knoyu duckin?

[text]: Duckin? Is this the name of the tavern?

[text]: My goodnes how they name their taverns

[text]: Does not even state a wench in it.

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fuck, shit, dick, no, hell, sex, damn
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Spartacus + Lucretia’s wigs II

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