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The Countess
Erzsébet Báthory

7 August 1560- Aug. 21, 1614
Nyírbátor, Hungary

"The Blood Countess"
"The Bloody Lady of Čachtice"
"The Lady In Red"

History thought I was dead, but for four hundred years, I, The Blood Countess roamed the lands and moved through history.

I was falsely imprisoned for four years in Csejte Castle. My story would have ended there were it not for my former Maker, a guard.

My taste for virginal blood has only strengthened with every year.

Do you wish for me to bathe in your blood?

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Mini Rant - If You Say You Want To Plot, Then Either Go Through With It Or Do Not Ask At All

This is what rankles moi lately when people say they want to plot or they want to roleplay with The Countess, and they do not go through with it or it becomes pulling teeth with people.

I should not have to go to someone’s askbox 3-4 times who were the ones who want to plot in the first place and they say, “Oh I lost my muse or oh I promise to get to you” when I can see them interacting or even asking on their blogs “I want to plot. Who wants to plot?.”

That is insulting to moi because I am actively taking time out of writing to other people, out of doing other things to make sure I have not forgotten about your request to plot. I know I can be forgetful and forgot to finish plotting out with someone over a thread.

However, if someone wants to plot and I have the time, I will give it to them. I know people are busy, I know I am busy, but I am not busy 24/7 to at least give someone a few moments to say I can plot or I cannot. It is simple, just say, I definitely will plot with you, here are some ideas. Here is my skype or sorry, I cannot plot at this time. I will not say, “Ask me tomorrow, ask me again tomorrow, ask me in an hour.” Then it feels like it becomes a chore or becomes someone’s job to always ask, and it should not feel like a chore.

This is not to people who are truly busy and I can see they are busy with real life things. This is to the people who I can see with my own eyes are jerking my chain and holding me on the hook until either because they want to see how long I can take or because they honestly think telling me no is going to make me hurt my feelings. Not every plot will work out, but do not tell me “Oh I am not up for plotting but maybe three weeks” when I can see you are plotting or asking for plots. 

Just be honest.

Politeness and being upfront on not wanting to plot takes only a few seconds, maybe minutes to explain your views and that is it. Not days of wasting or setting aside time for you when it cane be to someone who really is up for plotting and has ideas to show.

*I bet other people feel this way and if you want to reblog this because you feel the frustration as well, then by all means reblog if you like.

1 year ago, 03/01/13 | 10 notes
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