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The Countess
Erzsébet Báthory

7 August 1560- Aug. 21, 1614
Nyírbátor, Hungary

"The Blood Countess"
"The Bloody Lady of Čachtice"
"The Lady In Red"

History thought I was dead, but for four hundred years, I, The Blood Countess roamed the lands and moved through history.

I was falsely imprisoned for four years in Csejte Castle. My story would have ended there were it not for my former Maker, a guard.

My taste for virginal blood has only strengthened with every year.

Do you wish for me to bathe in your blood?

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Is ‘I desire you’ plain enough?

It aids and far more when you explain your reasons, Lamont. You have more to fear than to desire from my company.

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    One may lust and hold many but humans hold jealousy and dominance in hand wishing not to hear they are one of many...
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    That’s because it’s a rather long and somewhat personal story… Though I sort of just fell into, er, courting her. …As...
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